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An Innovative Stolen Vehicle Tracking and ConnectedDrive Service for BMW Customers

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Emergency Assistance in case of theft through direct contact with local SOC

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We are Connected Intelligence.

Tracker, a wholly owned subsidiary of CalAmp, is a connected intelligence company that leverages a data-driven solutions ecosystem to help organizations improve operational performance.

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About us

We solve complex problems in transportation and logistics, commercial and government fleet, industrial equipment and consumer vehicle marketplaces by providing solutions that track, monitor and recover vital assets.

Connectivity. Analytics. Data in Motion.

Why Tracker

Industry leading technology, powerful data analytics, and a world class ecosystem of telematics leaders are the heart of The New How. It's about solutions that power autonomous IoT interaction, facilitate efficient decision making and optimize resource utilization.

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Tracker SOCs 24/7
Secure Operating Centers

With a full team of experts at your disposal in each Country, the Tracker's local SOC will support MINI customers in case of need.

CalAmp Company Vitals

  • A connected Intelligence Company

  • Founded in 1981; Publicly traded since 1983 (NASDAQ: CAMP)

  • Headquartered in Irvine, California; 16 offices worldwide

  • 10 millions edge devices deployed worldwide

  • 1 million software and service subscribers

Core Values

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Stay updated on the status of your connected car


Driver Tag Onboard

Vehicle Alarm

Engine Code

Curfew Alert

Speed Alert

Vehicle Towing

Engine Code

Travel Tracking

BMW-MINI Security offers multiple alerts that can trigger push notifications to the app to request timely intervention by the local SOC.
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An Innovative Stolen Vehicle Tracking
and ConnectedDrive Service for MINI Customers.

Via a user-friendly mobile app, MINI Security uniquely combines smart vehicle data from the MINI ConnectedDrive platform and CalAmp’s edge computing and telematics platform with Tracker’s market-leading SVT technology to offer MINI drivers across Europe 24/7 vehicle theft protection and enhanced customer care services.

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BMW MINI Security App

Dynamic Dashboard – provides the User with near real-time information about their vehicle and their status* through an intuitive color. Fuel level, Vehicle battery, Tripwire, Speed Alerts, Places, Curfew alert, Trips, Mileage, Vehicle Health, Driver Tag, Customise Vehicle are key alerts that can be "toggled" on and off directly from the Dashboard


Emergency Assistance - in case of theft, the Emergency tab hosts information and features needed to proceed step by step to report a theft and contact SOC with one touch. Offering full 24/7 support, Tracker’s SOC also can remotely block the engine from starting once the stolen vehicle is stationary and provide assistance with vehicle recovery. This service is available only for BMW Security Pro


Trip History -review past trips, locations, max/average speed and miles travelled on any vehicle in the account which can be filtered by calendar month or custom date range.


Speed Alerts – set a speed threshold on the app and any user can receive notifications when a vehicle exceeds that speed limit


Multi-Vehicle Tracking — view all vehicle activity within the family and easily toggle between vehicles offering live multi-vehicle location tracking. The map also displays the location of alerts and geofences created by the User e.g. home, school, work


Alerts - BMW Security offers multiple alerts which can be enabled and disabled within the app. When triggered, alerts will be listed in the app's Updates section, along with other important notices such as Vehicle battery, Device connection, Vehicle towing, Driver Tag, Tripwire, Speed alerts, Curfew alert and upcoming Subscription Expiry and Renewal, together with other important alerts activated through the vehicle dashboard.

*The BMW Security App powered by Tracker is integrated with BMW’s native connected car solution "BMW Car Data" providing comprehensive visibility into the security status of the vehicle’s doors, windows, trunk and hood.



Access issues
BMW Driver Tag
Subscriptions and Prices
App Customisation
Vehicle Theft

BMW Security

Access issues

I have not received my credentials to access the application

You can check your junk mailbox; in case you don't find our e-mail (, please write to our Customer Service team using the form below.


Fogotten Password

You can reset your password by clicking on 'Forgotten your password'. If you are unable to reset your password, please write to our Customer Service team using the form below.


BMW Security

BMW Driver Tag

What is the BMW Driver Tag?

The BMW Driver Tag is a small, high-tech device which needs to be kept on your person whenever you use the car. The system will send an alert via SMS and a notification to the BMW Security App, if the vehicle is being driven without the BMW Driver Tag being on board.


I used the vehicle without having the BMW Driver Tag with me and received an alert notification

The 'unauthorised movement' alert is sent by the system via text message and notification on the App. After receiving the notification it is necessary to check the status of the vehicle and reply to the text message. In case of theft it is necessary to follow the procedure indicated in FAQ/5 "Has your vehicle been stolen?"


I used the vehicle without the BMW Driver Tag and did not receive an alarm notification

If you did not receive an SMS notification, verify that the telephone number entered in the section 'Contact' is the correct one; if the number is correct, please contact our Customer Service team using the form below.

If you do not receive the notification on the Application, please send a report to our Customer Service team by filling out the form.


I used the vehicle with the BMW Driver Tag on board and received an alert notification

In this case, firstly check whether the red LED on the BMW Driver Tag is flashing; if so, please replace the battery inside. If the problem persists or the red LED is off, you must contact us using the form below. We recommend replacing the BMW Driver Tag device battery every 6/8 months.

Go to the battery replacement procedure.


I have lost my BMW Driver Tag

Contact your local BMW Dealer as soon as possible and request to disable the lost BMW Driver Tag and activate a new BMW Driver Tag for your vehicle.


BMW Security

Subscription Management

What is the price for renewing the subscription and the duration?

You can renew your subscription according to the following years and prices:

  • BMW Security Active 1 year: £ 100 + vat
  • BMW Security Active 3 years: £ 268 + vat
  • BMW Security Active S7 1 year: £ 100 + vat
  • BMW Security Active S7 3 years: £ 268 + vat
  • BMW Security Pro 1 year: £ 117 + vat
  • BMW Security Pro 3 years: £ 309 + vat


How can I renew my subscription?

Renewal can be done at any time prior to the expiration date of the subscription. Activation can be done independently through the BMW Security app with payment by credit card or by contacting our Customer Service team on +44 (0) 808 509 0909.


How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by sending a written notice within 30 days of the subscription expiry date, in one of the following ways:

We invite you to read your Terms and Conditions contract.


BMW Security

App Customisation

Can I change my personal data?

Go to the BMW Security app menu, under "Your Account" and click on your details to edit:

  • Your personal information: Name, Phone number and e-mail
  • Emergency contact: where you can edit your phone number


Can I customise my vehicle details?

From the vehicle menu you can personalise this section, e.g. name your BMW and add an icon or an image viewable on the map.


How can I set up favourite places?

You can set up your favorite places in the vehicle section by clicking on the Places section and following the instructions. You can then set up "Place Notifications" to receive alerts when the selected vehicle leaves or enters the place.


How can I change my App access password?

From this menu you can change the password of your application by clicking on Privacy and security.


Where can I set up alert notifications?

From the Account menu, under Notifications, you can select the functions for which you would like to receive alerts.


Can I read the Terms and Conditions related to the BMW Security service?

You can read the T&Cs via the Account menu, by selecting the BMW Security section.


Can I access the MyBMW app from the BMW Security app?

You can download the MyBMW app through the Vehicles menu, by clicking on the “Go to MyBMW” section.


BMW Security

What to do if your vehicle has been stolen?

If your vehicle is stolen, please follow the below steps:

  • Report the theft to the Police
  • Obtain a crime report reference number
  • Call our Control Room on +44 (0) 800 911 900


For more information